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  • 2010 Creative Goals

    *Make more aprons
    *Make a coffee cup cozy for me!
    *Make a mug cozy
    *Alter a book – completely, with highlights from each month of 2010.
    *Journal more.
    *Pin Cushions!
    *A needle keeper too.
    *Produce bags.
    *Muslin sacks for bulk items like seeds and nuts and rice and such, too.
    *Re-usable sandwich wraps.
    *Budget envelopes.
    *Learn to crochet and knit.
    *Continue embroidering and get better at it.
    *Take more pictures.
    *Learning to sprout wheat
    *Learn to make my own bread with sprouted grain
    *Learn to make mead and wine
    *Learn to make cheese and yogurt from scratch.
    *Experiment with grinding my own grains
    *Do more canning

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More Stitching (and a very late Valentine)

Since my “one year” post, I actually have been working on some things – just not posting them.  After being on the computer all day at work, sometimes that’s the last thing I want to do when I get home at night.  Sometimes it’s just more fun to sit on the couch and stitch, or dig through supplies, or doodle…  You get the idea.

I made my sweetie LLM a Valentines Day card this year, instead of buying one.  It’s fun to make stuff, and it seems to mean quite a bit more.

He’s a logger – need I say more?  🙂  I saw this adorable stump design over at Wild Olive. Isn’t it the cutest???  I love how she puts little faces on everything.  The little faces totally make me smile.

I also saw, somewhere, the play on words “wood” you be mine – and again, being a logger, nothing could be more perfect.  He totally laughed when he saw it.  🙂

I just cut the heart out of some red and gold glittered scrapbooking paper, glued the embroidered stump on the front (painted the edges because the glue came through the fabric and looked terrible).  Then added some little do-dads inside, and wrote my message to my Lovely Logger Man (didn’t post that picture – that’s mine!).  Nothing special, to say – but it was fun to make, and I think it meant something to him.  🙂

A Valentine with a side of Brownies.


Incredible shrinking rows…

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong here – but my rows are getting steadily shorter.  Okay.  Well, I guess this is part of the learning curve, right?  It’s not like I have any instruction aside from a 4 minute YouTube video.  I’m just trying to make a simple scarf.  Mainly because I can just keep going back and forth on rows and getting that “feeling” down.  I keep trying to make sure that I’m catching the last stitch on the previous row, but my rows keep getting shorter.  Hmmm.  Does anyone have any suggestion?  (well, other than actually getting some instruction!!!)

I think my stitches look okay – it’s just the incredible shrinking rows that have me perplexed.  Hmmmm….

It’s all the rage

Apparently my embroidered coffee cup cozy is all the rage in the Chicago suburban Starbucks.

Along with the cozy, I sent my sister a gift certificate for Starbucks so she could enjoy some yummy mocha lattes that I know she loves so much.  And when she went in to order her coffee yesterday, she handed the cozy to the barista to use on her cup.  Well.  The barista just gushed about it, then took it to show the other baristas, show the girl at the drive through, and apparently the other customers in line.  It was a big hit.  🙂  The barista told my sister to tell me to mass produce them.

Hmmmmmm…  Thinking…

More Presents Done…

I’m pretty much at the tail end of “making” for Christmas.  The only person I have anything to do for is my Lovely Logger Man.  But I still have 9 days to complete his gifts – the rest of these have to be mailed out tomorrow.

  • I’ve made scarves for my two best friends
  • Embroidered a pillow for one of them
  • Made a Dammit Doll for the other one
  • Created a felt crown for my nephew, along with a cover for some notebooks for him to write stories in (see below)
  • Stitched toppers for four jars of homemade blueberry jam
  • Made two coffee cup cozies for my sister
  • Sewed up a sleeping bag for my other nephews “stuffies”  (aka: stuffed animals)
  • Burned several CDs (still a few more to go)
  • Burned a copy of Jack Frost (Rankin-Bass Christmas special from the 60s) for a couple of people
  • Made hand-stamped tags for everyone’s gifts
  • Bought some handmade soap from a craft fair for my sister and my two best friends
  • Bought some handmade ornaments at the same craft fair
  • Bought some Montana-made gourmet caramels as stocking stuffers

The only things I bought from “stores” were a couple of gift certificates (B&N and Starsucks), a book for one nephew, a paper airplane kit for same nephew, some pens to go with the story notebooks and a Webkinz mountain goat for one of the boys.  Oh, and some dog bones and a rope toy.  Oh, and some local cheese and sausage and some pistachios for my Dad.  So I think I did pretty good on handmade gifts this year.  I’m proud of myself.  I’ll see if I can go 100% handmade next year.  I’m going to strive for that for all birthdays this year, too.

Tomorrow morning I’ll get up, wrap like a mad-woman, then box it all up and take it over to the post office to send all the gifts on their way eastward.  Then I can start on my Lovely Logger Man’s gifts.

Here’s the notebook cover for my nephew:

And a funny little thing I stitched up that’ll be part of one of Logger Man’s gifts:

(It’s an inside joke…)

So how did you do this Christmas?  Did you make lots of stuff?

I’ve had such a blast the past month concentrating on making things.  I wish I could spend all day every day creating and making and crafting.  🙂  (I’ll have to talk to Logger Man about that – Hmmmm.  Sugar Daddy???) 🙂

December View #10

More Christmas Gifts Complete…

I’m almost done making Christmas gifts… Then I get to work on some projects for ME!  🙂

Well Behaved Women…

Rarely make history.   🙂

That’s one of my favorite quotes – and it’s oh so true.  For any number of reasons, this quote seems to personify my best friend.  So I stitched the quote up on some neat fabric that I had.  I knew I wanted to do something with it for part of her Christmas package, but I wasn’t sure what.  In my new “favorite book ever”  (yes, you know I’m talking about Jenny Hart’s “Embroidered Effects”) there’s this lovely lady with feather fans.  I love how daring she is, and it complimented the quote well.  So I added her in.

But I still didn’t know what to do with this stitching.  Then I remembered this lovely purple and gold silk sari fabric that I had a ton of in my fabric bin.

So I decided to make a soft little pillow.  Lord knows what she’ll do with it, but I envision it on a chair somewhere in her living room.


When things aren’t going as well as you’d wished,

And you just want to scream and shout.

Here’s a little Dammit Doll you just can’t live without!

Simply grab it by its legs, and find somewhere to slam it.

And as you beat the livin’ stuffin’ out of it, yell


A friend asked me for a “Dammit Doll” for Christmas.  I had never heard of one of these before – but I love the idea!  If I had any stress in my life, I’d make one for myself.  But as it is, it would just gather dust on the shelf!  🙂  So I looked it up online, and saw some cute pictures.  This is my intrepretation.  I embroidered one of Jenny Hart’s cute little images for the face (a Mexican skull design), and used some pink butterfly flannel for the body.  I like it.  I think it’s cute.  🙂