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  • 2010 Creative Goals

    *Make more aprons
    *Make a coffee cup cozy for me!
    *Make a mug cozy
    *Alter a book – completely, with highlights from each month of 2010.
    *Journal more.
    *Pin Cushions!
    *A needle keeper too.
    *Produce bags.
    *Muslin sacks for bulk items like seeds and nuts and rice and such, too.
    *Re-usable sandwich wraps.
    *Budget envelopes.
    *Learn to crochet and knit.
    *Continue embroidering and get better at it.
    *Take more pictures.
    *Learning to sprout wheat
    *Learn to make my own bread with sprouted grain
    *Learn to make mead and wine
    *Learn to make cheese and yogurt from scratch.
    *Experiment with grinding my own grains
    *Do more canning

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Welcome back…

Isn’t that a beautiful sight?  I replenished my floss stock after much Holiday stitching.  Thanks to a great big gift certificate from one of my bestest friends for JoAnn Fabrics!  Yay!

So, after 11 luxurious days off of work, today I ventured back to the office.  The worst part about having the holidays off is wanting more time off when the holidays are done.  😉

I didn’t get a whole lot of crafting done over the past couple of weeks.  Once my last present was complete, I turned my attention to spending time with my lovely logger man up at his cabin in the mountains.  We cooked turkey, canned bean soup and jam (not together – yuck!), drank copious amounts of micro brews, wine and champagne, had a giant bon fire on Christmas night, played games, hiked in the woods, worked on my deer hide, watched TV, and went to Idaho for a day.

I also got a grand total of NO skiing in over the holidays either.  Not for lack of time, though.  For lack of snow!  While most of the country was cloaked in snow and cold, it was 40 degrees and pouring rain in Western Montana.  Yeah.  Yuck.  But that’s okay – it gave us time to concentrate on other projects.

Speaking of projects.  I have a request to re-make a Christmas present.  Unfortunately, one of the scarves I made for one of my girlfriends was lost the first time she wore it.  It became a victim of the wind in the Windy City.  She emailed me all bummed out about losing it, but I revealed that I had just enough of the fabric left to make another one for her.  So I spent yesterday evening cutting it out and pinning it together.  Tonight I’ll sew it all together… maybe.  Or maybe tomorrow night!  LOL

I’m trying to learn to crochet, so I’m more interested in playing with yarn and a crochet hook than re-making her scarf right now.  Sadly enough.  But I’ll get on it.  🙂

I’ve also got some creative goals for 2010.  I’ve been making a list in one of my journals, so  I might as well share the list here so I can hopefully be accountable for it:

  1. Make more aprons (I adore wearing aprons when I’m working around the house, but only have one.  Need more!)
  2. Make a coffee cup cozy for me!  I also saw a mug cozy that I’m interested in trying to make.
  3. Alter a book – completely!  I’ve tried a couple times, but always give up.  But I have an idea to alter one and make a log of highlights from each month of 2010.
  4. Journal more.
  5. Pin Cushions!  I’ve seen some of the cutest pin cushions lately, and I’m dying to make myself one.  No more conventional pincushions for me!!!
  6. A needle keeper too.  Between sewing needles and needles for embroidery, I have a bunch of them.  What a cute way to keep them all in line.  🙂
  7. Produce bags.  I use canvas sacks for my groceries and other purchases, so why not use re-usable bags for produce?  I found the cutest flower mesh fabric that weighs nothing.  I bought plenty to make bags in different sizes.  I’d like to make some out of muslin for bulk items like seeds and nuts and rice and such, too.
  8. Re-usable sandwich wraps.  In the spirit of non-disposable items – what a fun way to carry my sandwiches to work in my Grizzly Adams lunch box!  No more plastic bags pretty soon.
  9. Budget envelopes.  I don’t have any debt, but I’m hoping that making cute little envelopes out of fun fabric will be a good way for me to budget cash for specific purposes.  This way I can start leaving the debit card at home, and hopefully start building up my savings some more.
  10. I want to learn to crochet and knit.  (Working on the crochet right now!)
  11. Continue embroidering and get better at it.
  12. Take more pictures.  (That’s funny – as it is, my lovely logger man thinks I take pictures of everything anyway!)
  13. I have some other re-usable items that need to be replaced in my house.  After years of use they’re getting a bit thread-bare…

I have some “homemaking/homesteading” skills I’d like to work on as well:

  1. Learning to sprout wheat
  2. Learn to make my own bread with sprouted grain
  3. Learn to make mead and wine
  4. Learn to make cheese and yogurt from scratch.  I’d also like to learn to do both with powdered milk.  I know it’s possible, so I just have to try!
  5. Experiment with grinding my own grains
  6. Do more canning

So I think I’m going to have a busy and creative year ahead of me.  I’m looking forward to every little bit of it.  But in the meantime, I need to take down my tree and re-make this scarf for my best friend.  🙂

Happy 2010!  May you have an awesome, creative year as well…


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