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    *Do more canning

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Get’cher Kicks …

… on Route 66!  Simply Skinnies challenge this week is to create a “Skinny” (a 3×5 piece of art) inspired by Historic Route 66.  This is another one of those that I didn’t put too much thought into, but had fun creating.


Wouldn’t it be fun to get in an old Woody with a classic airstream and hit the road on a Retro Roadtrip?


The yellow block in the corner is actually a picture of an old album cover from a record titled “Music from the All-American Highway.”  I continued the “road” off the album cover, and added the sillouette of the old car and Airstream and the highway sign.  And of course, going along with my un-official style, I had to come up with a 3-dimensional element for the piece, so I bent the wheels of the car and trailer over so they would stick up off the page.


(This is a bad picture of it, but just putting it in here so you get an idea of the 3-D-ness.)

Well, if I didn’t have spring fever before, thinking about roadtrips has certianly given it to me now!  Let’s hit the road!


2 Responses

  1. Fantastic!!!

  2. If you call that ‘nothing’ special’, I’d hate to see special. lol

    That’s fantastic!

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